About Us




         My name is Chinyere Udekwu, I am the founder of Macisabellartw. Macisabellartw is an online African fashion store that creates ready-to-wear everyday clothing that celebrates African culture.  I am a seamstress and fashion designer and I'm passionate about
fashion that celebrates African culture. Many of the pieces you’ll find on our website are
based on traditional Nigerian attire, and the patterns have been passed down to me
through 3 generations of women in my family. I'm a mother of 2 beautiful kids: my daughter Amara and & my son Ekene  (they are the best). My 20+ years as a seamstress helped birth my dream for a collection that celebrated African heritage.
           Macisabellartw is committed to enabling women to express themselves and their culture
boldly through the clothes they wear. All our materials are sourced from my homeland,
giving us the opportunity to support our community at its roots and connecting us more
richly to our culture and heritage. I am deeply connected to my African heritage and the
need for representation is what drives my passion for women’s fashion.
          My objective is to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to wear and feel comfortable
wearing clothing that expresses their culture.
         I Love African Fashion and I invite you to come and rock these clothes with us at